Internship Experiences

At the end of the internship, your peers write a report that outlines how they found the internship, the content of the work they did, the social atmosphere, the projects they were involved in, and others. This database contains all Internship Reports of Jacobs University students which were released for publication.
The aim is to help fellow students to orientate while searching for fitting internship institution and position and to profit from the experiences of Jacobs students, who already completed their mandatory internships. These reports are a great source of ideas for companies, field of work, and application tactics and they are written for you – not for us!

Keep in mind that although we read through the reports, they may vary in quality. You can get a lot more information by simply contacting the writer of the report.

You will find the Database at:

Note: you will be taken to the Teamwork website where the reports are stored; they are password protected so you may get a security warning; you need to make sure you are logged in – otherwise, you will see no results.

To browse the database, please use the search field in the upper left corner at the Teamwork website (marked red). Please type any term which may describe your interest (for example “chemistry”) and press “search” button. You can search through the Internship Reports Database by keywords, phrases, majors, countries, and anything else.You may also combine different terms in order to narrow down your search to a specific field of work or industry.

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