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The Career Services Center is here to help you find and get into the best job which fits your individual talent, personality and goals.

For this purpose, we have many resources available to you to discover your area of interest as well as help create, edit and perfect your application.

Please find below some useful documents for download and a tool that will get you started right away by yourself.

Click on the links for informational documents on the following topics:

  • Cover Letter – How to write professional Cover Letters

  • First time creating a CV? Check out our CV Tool to create and export your resume. It allows you to generate a very good template and automatically gives you a format which you can then adapt to your personal needs.

  • CV photos for free: An exclusive offer from Career Services Center and Ping Chen (Logistics Student, Class of 2017). Find more information here!


Please always feel welcome to contact us with any questions you might have! We gladly give you feedback on all your application material and help prepare you for the world after Jacobs. Contact Us!