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SAMPLE CV_Jacobs CV Tool-page-001
A sample that was generated through the CV tool.

Writing a good CV is important, without it your chances at getting the position you desire are greatly diminished. There are many guidelines out there that offer valuable information when it comes to writing your CV. We highly recommend you to pay special attention to regional differences in what a CV should look like. German employers’ expectations are very much different from US or British employers and failing to adhere to the requirements may result in an immediate rejection of your application!

To make sure that you get started properly with your CV, we offer you our CV tool (designed for Jacobs University students) with which you can generate a good CV in easy steps. The good thing about this is that it gives you a good and proven construct that you can export and then change to fit your personal style and background. We recommend every Jacobs student to try out the tool, but make sure that you do change the final document and make it “your own”. Otherwise you run the risk that your CV looks like everyone else’s, which is usually not the best thing.

Click here to access the CV Tool.