Internship and Jacobs Career Fair Information Session

Organized by:

Career Services Center


Feb 23 2015 – 12:30


ICC Conference Hall

Sponsored by:

Career Services Center


Learn all about Jacobs University Internship Program and services and programs offered by the CSC!
You will also learn what to expect and how to make use of our upcoming Jacobs Career Fair!

Further Info:

PLEASE NOTE: This is an official event to provide information about the Jacobs University Internship Program. Especially those students who must complete their mandatory internship are strongly recommended to participate.



  • What are the requirements for my mandatory internship?
  • How do I need to register and report my internship?
  • Can I apply for funding? What are the requirements for Internship Funding?
  • What resources are helpful for my internship search?
  • How can I make use of the Jacobs Career Fair for my intership search?
  • How to prepare for the Career Fair?

Learn how to use our resources most efficiently and get informed about how the CSC can help you to successfully face the challenges of finding and completing your mandatory (or voluntary) internship!

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