Internship Information

In today’s professional world, education is not enough – in order to stand out on the job market, one needs experience, competencies, and flexibility. For this reason, practical experience is not simply mandatory component of the Jacobs University education; it is mandatory for your future development.

Before you start applying for internships, we would like to encourage you to make use of Career Services Center counseling and seminar offers in order to identify what kind of internship would be the best fit for you. Have a look into our brandnew internship brochure to get the necessary information:

World Track Internship Brochure


Mandatory Internships

Depending on your study program and your year of matriculation there are different kinds of requirements to meet.


Voluntary Internships 

Besides your mandatory internship, you can complete additional voluntary internships. The Career Services Center (CSC) encourages students to complete additional internships to gain as much practical experience as possible. When handing in future applications you should always include a reference letter that you have issued from the internship institution.

Voluntary internships have no minimum requirement regarding duration and can be splitted without CSC approval. To ensure that you will complete your undergraduate studies within the regular time frame of 6 semesters, the CSC supports voluntary internships only during your free time, i.e. during summer holidays and winter intersession.

To register and report your voluntary internships to CSC, please submit an Internship Status Form and your Supervisor’s Reference Letter. There is no deadline for the registration of voluntary internships!


Confirmation of Registration and Internship Requirement (for employers)

Some employers (especially the German ones) may ask you to send them a confirmation letter, which states that your internship is a required mandatory part of your studies. Please note that we can only issue confirmation letters for mandatory internships:

  • for undergraduate students in their fifth Semester (World Track)
  • for graduate students only if the internship is a required part of the respective study program!

If you need this confirmation letter from Jacobs University, please send a request and following data per email to :

  • Full name and address of the company/organization, where your internship is going to take place
  • Full name and position of the person responsible for your internship at that company/organization (if available)
  • Your full name
  • Complete name of your major (for example “Bachelor in Integrated Social Sciences”)
  • Your class
  • Your matriculation number

We will prepare the confirmation letter for you, which you can take out from our office (RLH 225). If you need the letter as PDF-document, please state this explicitly in your email. Please note that the data you provide will be used only for the purpose of creating this confirmation letter. After 14 days this data will be deleted from our records.

Useful information for your internship

  • What is necessary to be able to intern in Germany? Please find here a QUICK GUIDE, providing information which documents you need before you start your internship.
  • Which insurances do you need to have for your internship? Please find a FACT SHEET INSURANCES here.