Information for Class 2018 & 2019

World Track / Mandatory internships

The World Track, included in the third year of your undergraduate study, provides extended company internships or study abroad options and is a core element of Jacobs University’s employability approach.

The curriculum structure includes the option for a semester-long internship (“mandatory internship”) in your 5th semester, which provides experiential learning regarding the labor market as well as practical work experience. Successful internships may initiate career opportunities!

Requirements for your mandatory internship:

  • Duration of a minimum of 16 consecutive weeks in full time, starting in September in your 5th semester (earlier start is possible).
    (Splitting is not possible as only longer internships can provide real working experiences and insight into long-term projects.)
  • related to your Major of studies
  • taking place in any company, university, research institution, organization, or start up worldwide, including Germany and Bremen. Please note: Jacobs University shall not serve as an employer for your mandatory internship.

Career Services offers you individual counseling and support with your application.
Please have a look at “Career Opportunities”  and check our Internship Report Database on Teamwork for your first orientation and our Job portal for current vacancies!
If you need help you can come to our office hours or send your request to


A first guidline on necessary steps and actions can be found in our Internship Guideline 

All relevant information on the process of how to register and report your mandatory internship can be found here!


To register your mandatory internship officially, please submit

  1. an Internship Status Form (online submission) and
  2. an Internship Approval Form Please download and fill in this form, have it signed by your Academic Advisor. Please submit the signed form as a PDF to Career Services Center (CSC) at

Regular deadline for the registration / submission of both documents is April 30th, 2017 and  latest before you start your internship!

If you want to change your registration and opt for another track, please contact CSC at and note the following deadlines:

– Latest deadline for switching from the Internship Track to the Campus Track: July 15th 2017 (for Housing reasons)
– Latest deadline for switching from the Campus Track to the Internship Track: August 13th 2017

If you have not received a confirmation for your mandatory internship before the deadline or need help for finding an internship, please contact Petra Zarrath at the  CSC at


Confirmation of Registration and Internship Requirement (for employers)

Some employers (especially the German ones) may ask you to send them a confirmation letter, which states that your internship is a required mandatory part of your studies.

If you need this confirmation letter from Jacobs University, please send a request and following data per email to Ms. Petra Zarrath (

  • Full name and address of the company/organization, where your internship is going to take place
  • Full name and position of the person responsible for your internship at that company/organization (if available)
  • Your full name
  • Complete name of your major (for example “Bachelor in Integrated Social Sciences”)
  • Your class
  • Your matriculation number

We will prepare the confirmation letter for you, which you can take out from our office (RLH 225). If you need the letter as PDF-document, please state this explicitly in your email.


Voluntary internships

If you want to do an internship before your 5th semester, this can only be a voluntary internship, but can be included in your transcript, also.

Voluntary internships have no minimum requirement regarding duration. To ensure that you will complete your undergraduate studies within the regular time frame of 6 semesters, the CSC supports voluntary internships only during your free time, i.e. during summer holidays and winter intersession.

To register and report your voluntary internships to CSC, please submit the following two forms:

  • Internship Status Form (you need to log in with your Campus Net credentials, no deadline for this).
    PLEASE NOTE: Once you register your internship, please send in addition one email to stating that this particular internship is voluntary.
  •  Internship Reference Letter from your supervisor . Please submit it as a PDF to the Career Services Center csc@jacobs-university.deRequirements for Internship Reference Letters:
    – written on the official letterhead paper of the internship company/organization
    – containing the exact dates of your internship and a list of your working tasks
    – signed by your supervisor or other official person in charge
    – be either in English or in German
    Please click here to download a sample of a Reference Letter.
  • Please note: There is no obligation to submit an Internship Report for your voluntary internship. We would though like to encourage you to do so, because we would like to publish as many reports as possible to Jacobs University community, in order to give better insight to internship possibilities and experiences to your fellow students. If you are prepared to submit a report voluntarily, please fill out an Internship Report Form  electronically and then print the Internship Report to a pdf-file and name the file “IR_InternshipYear_Your_Name_Company_Name” and send it per email to