Internship Funding Application

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Tell us why you chose this specific internship and how it fits into your career plans, why you could not find a compensated internship or other sources of support, and why Jacobs University should provide you with internship funding for this specific internship.

Please provide a short description (500 characters) of the internship institution, the department/lab you will be working and the project you will be involved in.

Please indicate what support the internship host institution provides during your internship (e.g. housing, food, salary, transportation, etc.). If this is a paid internship please indicate the amount of payment per month.

I understand that the stipend applies only for the internship stated in this webform and it is not transferrable to another internship, or the same internship of a different duration.

In any of the following cases, the funding will have to be returned to Jacobs University:
If I do not complete the above stated internship;
If my internship is shorter than the duration mentioned in this funding application;
If I decide to participate in an internship other than the one stated on this internship;
If, after my internship, I leave Jacobs University without graduating.
I agree to the conditions stated above.

If you have any further questions, please contact the CSC-Team.