Career Services for Employers

We believe that the greatest mutual satisfaction can come if you know what to expect from our graduates. This is why we invite you to get to know them first on campus or perhaps to invite them to your campus (we’ll take care of the logistics); we will be happy to be the bottleneck making a pre-selection for you to meet or perhaps even to interview for a position you already have available; or perhaps you want to be involved in teaching a workshop through which you will indeed get to know them and their potential well. We have done all of these in the past with partners of regional and international standing with various fields of expertise. We welcome you to our world – just a phone call or an email away:

+49 421 200-4225


If you would like to send a job posting to the Career Service Center, please send an email to the email address above with a pdf of the job posting attached. Currently, this service is free of charge.

In addition to distributing and marketing your job/internship offers, we are excited to invite you to participate in our educational programs. Below, you’ll find an outline of the involvement you could have with us and we believe that we would be able to provide a customized version of these services – one that matches your needs and expertise.

  1. Organization Presentations– At Jacobs, we can provide you a platform for an open-for-all presentation or for a group of students from a certain discipline. We are happy to preselect a number of students whom you could meet before the presentation more extensively to learn more about the major(s) and our outstanding students. Organization presentations are especially popular with the community when they consist of an introduction as well as real life challenges and your organizational values and strategies.
  2. Trainings on Campus– Jacobs students enjoy to be challenged – this is why trainings and case studies are especially popular with the community. This format may last from just an evening to a full day or even a complete weekend. We find that trainings and case studies are most rewarding for both sides. The students get to be tried and learn about a real life challenge. The hosting company enjoys the opportunity to experience Jacobs University at its best: our students in action. The outcome, we hope, is well-trained professionals that have a competitive edge for success within your organization.
  3. Mock Interviews– This format is based on another win-win situation. Your HR personnel challenge our students in an interview simulation. You may have a real personnel need in mind or just want to use the opportunity to get to know our students close up. Our students benefit considerably from your feedback, and may (in the best case) even end up with an internship-, traineeship, or employment-offer (no commitment to hire). We can also serve as an intermediary selection filter.
  4. Other Recruitment Trainings – Other topics pertaining to the recruiting process can be trained and tested. For example, we have had a great success with Assessment Centre trainings and Case Study Trainings.
  5. Placement– We are in close contact with the student community. In addition to our job portal where you may post job and internship openings exclusively to Jacobs, we know our students well enough to assist you in personalized placement.
  6. Competitions/Projects– You are seeing other ways to try out our students or to get in contact with our faculty? Invite them to work from campus or at your premises on a real life project of yours! Such a project could take the form of a competition, in which the prize is a position with your company to execute the project proposal, or a mentoring in which you assist the students in their future development. In addition, the project can evolve into a bachelor or a master thesis. In this case, you could provide the facilities for the work and the students, under faculty supervision, could run the project for you and publish the results in scientific journals.

As described above, these are unique opportunities we are offering to you in order to get to know the Jacobs student community. Multiple combinations and variations are possible and we can offer a customized design from features to match your needs.

Predrag Tapavicki M.A.
Head of Corporate Relations and Talent Management
phone: +49 421 200-4225