Seminars & Workshops

 General rule for the Registration and Withdrawal for all CSC seminars and workshops (incl. Career Skills Module):

Your registration is binding and an unexcused non-attendance leads to a ‘fail’on your transcript. However, you may withdraw until 5 working days before the respective seminar date. Please send an email to and ask for unregistration.

If you can not attend due to sickness, please submit a medical excuse to the Registrar’s Office.

If your non-attendance is unexcused and a ‘fail’ shows up on your CampusNet account, you can register for and attend this seminar again in the next semester. Please note that not all seminars can be offered every semester (this is dependent on availability of trainers).

For further information please contact


Information for class of 2018 & 2019:

All undergraduate students (except MedNat students) have to attend certain seminars during their 3 years of studies at Jacobs University. Please note: Although the registration is done by default, students have to register for all seminars  and workshops on Campusnet during the official registration period!

The following chart provides an overview of mandatory components:


More information on the Career Skills Module can be found here!



Information for class of 2017:

This section provides Information on Academic and Professional Skills (APS) seminars and workshops provided by the Career Services Center (CSC). All courses offered by the CSC are open to all undergraduate and graduate students and can be booked via CampusNet during the official registration period. If there are free seats, these will be announced via email by CSC. If you are interested to attend, please contact the CSC!

PLEASE NOTE: The Academic and Professional Skills Module (2.5 credits) is mandatory for students from
– Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
– Global Economics and Management
– Global Humanities
– Information Management and Systems
– Integrated Environmental Studies
– Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology
– Integrated Social Sciences
– Intercultural Relations and Behavior
– International Logistics Management and Engineering, and
– International Politics and History

Everyone else who takes the APS course as an elective has to fulfill the same requirements. For further information have a look on Teamwork: here


You will find our full seminar offer in the course catalogue for Spring 2017 on CampusNet.

Enrollment is limited, so please only register for those workshops you are really interested in! Once you have been accepted, your participation is binding – we are counting on you to attend! Please see our information above (General rule for the Registration and Withdrawal for all CSC seminars and Workshops)!

You can find below descriptions of our standard seminars, that are offered within the Career Skills Module. We unfortunately can not offer all seminars in every semester. Please check our current seminar offer on Campusnet.


Solving Business Case Studies by Applying The Pyramid Principle  Ms. Eugenia Rosca + Mr. Christian Naber
The Pyramid Principle is the ‘lingua fanca’ of consultants and professionals all over the world offering simple guidelines on how to produce clear reports, dynamic presentations and successful proposals.
 Small Group: Case Study TrainingThis seminar aims to make you familiar with different kinds of case studies. The first part shall provide you with some theoretical background and the purpose of case studies. The second – and larger part – of this seminar deals with solving different case studies, both individual case studies and group works and role plays . After each case study there will be an analysis of the case and each group will give feedback. Even though the solution plays some role the bigger focus lies on how the case study will be solved.


Career Orientation Dr. Aidan Boyle
In order to find your right career path, this workshop aims to give you orientation and helps you to find out and define your personal skills, interests and career opportunities.


Researching & Contacting Employers Ms. Lisa Heindl
This seminar helps you to organize your job or internship research and shows you what sources are available. Please note: This seminar builds on the information you found out in the Career Orientation seminar! This is a basic seminar and attendance is highly recommended if you are searching for an internship!


Application Training  Teaching Assistants of CSC
This seminar is a combination of our formerly separate workshops “Cover Letter Training” and “CV Training”. Once you completed this course, you will be able to write an application that convinces the employer that you are the right candidate.


Preparing for an Interview Ms. Diana Beju
After this seminar you will be able to successfully prepare for a future interview, gain confidence in your performance and ace tricky questions you will be asked.


Professional Communication Skills Ms. Diana Beju
This is a practical introduction to the art of proper etiquette, manners and intercultural behaviour in business conditions. Knowing the rules gives you more self confidence and enables you to advertise your Qualities.


Self Management Ms. Eugenia Rosca
The goal of this training is to enable participants to manage themselves and their work in a timely and target-oriented fashion.


Introduction to Project Management Ms. Zeynep Karakas
This workshop gives you an understanding of project management as a concept and provides a concrete foundation of project management knowledge, methods and techniques that covers up all the essential segments of project cycle.


Decision Making Dr. Aidan Boyle
This course will help students enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn how to make more effective decisions via a logical problem-solving approach.


Working in Germany Dr. Lienstädt
This seminar will give answers to frequently asked questions by interested students on the topics of working and living in Germany.


Preparing for an Assessment Center Ms. Diana Beju
The set-up of the workshop is designed as an assessment center. Please prepare for the session as if you were attending an assessment center for an internship or graduate job and bring along a job/internship description that is of interest to you (in printed version).


Grad School Application Training Ms. Lisa Heindl
After this seminar, you will be ready to begin a focused graduate program search. You will know what admission staff is looking for and how to prepare a successful application package.


Presentation Skills  Ms. Lisa Heindl
Are you interested in presenting more powerfully and more creatively? Effective delivery is not just about communicating information, but also about creating interest in and enthusiasm for you and your subject!