Seminars & Workshops

Career Skills Advising information for all classes 

All undergraduate students (except MedNat students) have to attend certain seminars during their 3 years of studies at Jacobs University.

Please note: Students have to register themselves for respective seminars  and workshops on Campusnet during the official registration period (beginning of each Semester)!

The following chart provides an overview of mandatory components:

JU_Career_Advising Scheme Overview Undergraduate_2018

General rule for the Registration for all CSC seminars and workshops:

Your registration is binding and an unexcused non-attendance leads to a ‘incomplete’on your transcript. If you can not attend due to sickness, please submit a medical excuse to the Registrar’s Office. If your non-attendance is unexcused and a ‘fail’ shows up on your CampusNet account, you can register for and attend this seminar again in the next semester.

Students will only be registered automatically for the mandatory seminars:

  1. Application Training (first year, first half of the students in the first semester, second half of the students in their second semester),
  2. Infosession “CSC Services” (first year),
  3. “Success in Studies, Career and Life” (first year) as well as
  4. Infosession “CSC World Track” (second year).

This seminars have to be attended in the correct semester.

Please note that not all seminars can be offered every semester (this is dependent on availability of trainers).

For further information please contact



You will find our full seminar offer in the course catalogue on CampusNet. All seminars are named CA01-99xxxx.

Enrollment is limited, so please only register for those workshops you are really interested in! Once you have been accepted, your participation is binding – we are counting on you to attend! Please see our information above (General rule for the Registration and Withdrawal for all CSC seminars and Workshops)!

You can find below descriptions of our standard seminars, that are offered within the Career Skills Module. We unfortunately can not offer all seminars in every semester. Please check our current seminar offer on Campusnet.

Solving Business Case Studies:

Small Group: Applying The Pyramid Principle 

The Pyramid Principle is the ‘lingua fanca’ of consultants and professionals all over the world offering simple guidelines on how to produce clear reports, dynamic presentations and successful proposals.


Solving Business Case Studies:

Small Group: Case Study Training

This seminar aims to make you familiar with different kinds of case studies. The first part shall provide you with some theoretical background and the purpose of case studies. The second – and larger part – of this seminar deals with solving different case studies, both individual case studies and group works and role plays . After each case study there will be an analysis of the case and each group will give feedback. Even though the solution plays some role the bigger focus lies on how the case study will be solved.


Career Orientation
Which interests do you have and which career opportunities do they offer? Which skills do you possess and in what types of jobs might you apply them? What is vital to you when choosing a career path, a grad school, an employer? Which rewards do you hope to get for your work?

In this workshop, you will identify

  • your skills and interests
  • your values and motivation for working
  • your preferred work environment

After the workshop you will be able to define an area of employment that suits you and to start applying for jobs or grad school programs in a convincing way, because you know exactly why this job or internship is the perfect fit.


Info Session CSC Services
This is an official event to provide information about the Jacobs University Career Services Center (CSC).

Learn how to use the resources most efficiently and get informed about how the CSC can help you to successfully face the challenges of finding your career path and completing your internship!

Content includes:

  • Does CSC offer seminars to prepare me for an internship?
  • How can I make the most out of the CSC resources?
  • Are there Career Events on Jacobs Campus? How can I participate?
  • What is Career Counseling? Ever heard of a „mock interview“?
  • What is CSC Job Portal?
  • What other resources are helpful for my internship search?


Info Session Intership
This is an official event to provide information about the Jacobs University Internship Program.

  • What are the requirements for my internship?
  • How do I need to register and report my internship?
  • What are the requirements for internship funding?
  • What resources are helpful for my internship search?

Students who are not sure whether they want to spend the fifth semester in an internship or study abroad are strongly recommended to attend the Info Session Study Abroad in addition.


Researching & Contacting Employers
The aim of this seminar is to help you secure an internship or a job or that matches your skills and interests. What steps do you need to take? What sources are available to you in your job and internship search? In the course of this seminar you will learn about:

  • the hidden internship/ labor market
  • the resources available to you when searching for jobs and internships
  • how to organize your job/internship search
  • alternative ways to apply for jobs other than responding to a job ad

Once you completed this course you will know the different ways how to search and apply for the job/internship of your dreams, how to structure your search and how to contact future employers. You will profit most out from this workshop, if you already have an idea of the internship that you are looking for.



Application Training
Do you want to apply for an internship, a job or graduate school? Do you want to learn more about the content/ format of your application?

Once you completed this course you will be able to write an application that shows which benefits you bring to the institution, makes you stand out and convinces the recipient that you are the right candidate.


Preparing for an Interview
The interview training is designed to provide you with skills and techniques to improve your interview Performance and aims to prepare you to master your Job or internship interview successfully!


Professional Communication Skills

This hands on seminar will help you develop a truly engaging, constructive and responsive communication style. You will get insights into professional email- and business letters-etiquette. You will be able to further develop your individual communication style, convey the value of communication for achieving positive results and communicate and interpret body language more effectively.

This is a practical introduction to the art of proper etiquette, manners and intercultural behaviour in business conditions. Knowing the rules gives you more self confidence and enables you to advertise your Qualities.


Professional Networking
The aim of this session is to provide general information on the importance of networking for student’s upcoming professional life. Following from the theoretical input provided students receive information on their own opportunities for networking:  a) The Jacobs Career Fair as a portal for getting in contact with external companies and institutions and b) the Jacobs Alumni Association as a network for remaining connected for life by participating in relevant programs.

This mandatory information session will be conducted by Career Services Center with a duration of appr. 60 minutes.


Self Management
An efficient and effective self-management is crucial in many contexts, whether it be for private or for work purposes. The goal of this training is that afterwards all participants are able to manage themselves and their work in a timely and target-oriented Fashion.


Introduction to Project Management
This workshop gives you a brief understanding of project management as a concept and provides a concrete foundation of project management knowledge, methods and techniques that covers up all the essential segments of project cycle.

This training is designed to provide the participants with an introduction to the necessary techniques and methods enabling them to understand the concept of project management thoroughly, with case examples, which will help them in their future careers. This course is specifically designed to focus on the practical application of concepts.

The objectives of the training are to enable participants to

  • Understand how to develop an integrated project plan including realistic scope, schedules, budgets, and risks—and turn that plan into successful action
  • Learn how to effectively track and report on project progress
  • Understand the role of the project manager, project management office (PMO), business analyst, and roles; and how to build up an efficient project team
  • Learn the basics for effectively gathering and documenting requirements

Participants will work in project teams developing the requested outputs. They will have the opportunity to apply the provided lecture material directly to a case study.


Decision Making
Making effective decisions about challenges or problems at either a professional or personal level often requires the ability to define the true problem, analyze the possible causes, create options, select the most feasible option, and then implement it.

This course will help students enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn how to make more effective decisions via a logical problem-solving approach. We will examine how uncertainty and ambiguity may impact your perceptions of choices and risks, and also the role that interpersonal skills plays in convincing peers, colleagues or employees about decisions. A few real-life decision-making examples will be presented as case studies and used as practical exercises.


Working in Germany
This seminar will give answers to frequently asked questions by interested students on the topics of working and living in Germany.


Preparing for an Assessment Center
The set-up of the workshop is designed as an assessment center. Please prepare for the session as if you were attending an assessment center for an internship or graduate job and bring along a job/internship description that is of interest to you (in printed version).


Grad School Application Training
Do you plan to attend graduate school after Jacobs University, but have not been able to invest much time into researching the basics of the graduate school application and selection process? Are you interested in getting straight-forward answers and tips for your graduate school application? In this seminar we will discuss:

  • the pros and cons of attending graduate school,
  • how to identify appropriate graduate programs and schools,
  • how the admissions process works,
  • how to prepare a winning graduate school application,
  • different possibilities to finance graduate school

After this seminar, you will be ready to begin a focused graduate program search. You will know what admission staff is looking for and how to prepare a successful application package.


Business Etiquette
The hands on seminar will give you a practical introduction to the art of proper etiquette, manners, and intercultural communication in business conditions. For successful business outcomes you will learn how to apply the right manners and how to respect the unwritten rules of cultural differences in a proper way. Knowing the rules gives you more self-confidence but also allows you to bend them.

As an international university, Jacobs continues to expand and bring people together. In this cultural diversity context it is of utmost importance to know how to advertise your qualities.

The following topics will be covered:

Business Communication and Interaction

Business Dinners, Business Meetings/Events and Business Travel


Presentation Skills 
Do you know the real purpose of giving presentations? Are you interested in improving your presentation techniques, in finding your speaking voice and enhancing your physical presence? Effective presentation is not just about communicating information, but also about creating interest in and enthusiasm for you and your subject! In this workshop you will learn:

Preparing Presentations

Delivering presentations


Success in Studies, Career and Life
It is important that students become familiar with certain techniques and learn basic skills at an early stage of their studies in order to develop appropriate abilities. Thus, they can deal with special requirements during the course of their studies. The early knowledge and practice will also facilitate the transition to the professional world.

This course integrates academic education with extracurricular and recreational activities. The core element of the course consists of a mandatory single day course for all undergraduate students in their first year. The course is split into:

  • One-hour introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. Lippke as Chair of Health Promotion; focusing on mitigating distress and providing new scientific evidence and health aspects of personal and career development
  • Subsequent group sessions with about 20 – 25 students run by qualified MA or PhD Students.
    Participants will have a chance to gain hands-on experience on the practical skills of time-management and self-organization, stress management, proactive habits to empowerment.
    The ultimate goal of the workshop is to encourage and/or increase health awareness and promote healthy lifestyle for the future. The win-win combination of PhD Students and freshmen will allow a beneficial experience exchange.
  • „Appetizers“ of exercises

The course is embedded in a pre- and post-assessment in order to evaluate and monitor the development of students.