Working in Germany

“Make it in Germany” – an initiative of the federal government. Germany warmly welcomes international qualified professionals and their families! Qualified professionals from abroad can use the welcome portal to find out how they can come to live and work in Germany – and why it is worthwhile doing so.

“Make it in Germany” helps all those interested in living and working in Germany make their new start. The welcome portal brings together advisory and support services, in both German and English. It includes information about the sectors in which qualified professionals are being sought and the necessary requirements they must meet in order to enter into employment in Germany (“Quick check”).

Current vacancies can be viewed in the jobs listings which center upon occupations suffering from the skills shortages. The interactive world map “Germany local” contains contact and services information for German institutions worldwide.

Recent international university graduates who studied in Germany can find useful information on how to proceed with the job search at the German labor market here.

The welcome portal is a part of the joint Qualified Professionals Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, and the Federal Employment Agency.

The welcome portal for international qualified professionals:
The portal for German companies and qualified professionals:
The employment of foreign graduates of German higher education institutions:

Detailed and accurate information about living in Germany:

Detailed information about obtaining a German work permit:

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